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Jake Arrieta hit a home run: Giants 6, Phillies 1

There is literally nothing else to talk about.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at San Francisco Giants Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

In today’s game, a 6-1 loss to the Giants, Jake Arrieta hit a home run.

I could end the recap there. Honestly, there isn’t much more you need to know other than the Phillies continue to look like they’ve completely forgotten how to score runs.

The Phillies lone run today, and in this entire series, came today. It didn’t come off the bat of Odubel Herrera or Carlos Santana or Cesar Hernandez. It definitely didn’t come off the bat of Aaron Altherr, who struck out four times and looks utterly lost. Altherr’s bat is so cold it might have sucked other hits away without anyone knowing just by being around other, non-sucky bats.

No, today’s lone run came from starter Jake Arrieta.

Annnnnnnnnd that was it. Arrieta was cruising until he got tagged for five runs in the fifth inning, and after the game he was upset at a lot of things. He was upset with the offense, with the defense, but he was also angry at himself. We’re going to have more on Arrieta’s comments tomorrow (and to hear what me, John Stolnis, and Justin Klugh think of this series and about Arrieta’s comments, subscribe to the Hittin’ Season podcast!). But until then, here’s what he said postgame.

The Phillies have to do something. Arrieta’s definitely commenting in anger (though he had the chill of a serial killer when talking about it, good Lord), but he has reason to be angry. There’s been no offense while the pitching has kept nearly every game close. Arrieta’s hiccup today wasn’t great, but those are the times when the offense needs to come in and pick up the slack. Not every start can be what we saw from Aaron Nola or Nick Pivetta or Vince Velasquez last week. Some starts are going to end up like today’s. That’s why the offense isn’t just decorative. They have a job, and they haven’t been doing it. Arrieta might be less upset about defensive shifting if someone other than him had scored a freaking run.

But hey, at least the Phillies made some history?

But it’s not the good history, like you want.

This pretty much says it all.

Enjoy the off day. Lord knows I will.