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Draft Day 3 Comment Thread

2014 MLB Draft Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

First of all, if you’re here you might possibly need some therapy, as there will be a lot of guys taken you never hear of outside of the MLR every day (some won’t even end up there). Still there have been Pros and even hall of famers taken in rounds 11-40 (and later, when the draft used to just go until everyone eventually lost interest and quit responding - that sounds like a joke, but it’s not far from reality). The Phillies likely have blown a good bit of their draft bonus pool on their 9th round pick already, but there’s likely some cash left for a few overslot High Schoolers coming up.

Forget the big names, Kumar Rocker, Cole Wilcox, Nander de Sedas, etc. are going to College. They may get selected, but it’s unlikely they get more than a handshake and a good luck wish for their College years. Still some interesting High School and College names are hanging around. Not surprisingly many of the top undrafted names are Vanderbilt commits, teams may be able to lure some away by pointing out how much competition there will be for spots in college.

Zach Watson, OF - LSU (likely returning for his Junior season)
Zack Hess, RHP - LSU (Same as his teammate)
Jaden Hill, RHP
Nick Northcut, RHP/3B
Austin Becker, RHP
Garrett McDaniels, LHP
Blaze Alexander, SS/RHP (a straight up 80 grade arm, but just a thrower on the mound)
Kameron Guangorena, C (a Cal State Fullerton commit)