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FanPost Friday: Rank your local bullpen members

It’s been interesting so far. How much do you trust each guy?

San Francisco Giants v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

So far this year, the Phillies have had what we at The Good Phight are choosing to refer to as “gut punch losses” - the kind where victory is so close, yet is snatched away by poor baserunning, managerial goofs, or bullpen issues. The latest came Wednesday night when Adam Morgan gave up a walk off grand slam to Jason Heyward that caused a Phillies loss, 7-5 (recap here). It’s these types of losses that hurt the most, as they were this close to scratching out a victory in a place that hasn’t been too friendly to them of late.

The bullpen, it feels like, is more of a concern that it looked like on paper at the beginning of the season. What we thought would be a boon to this team has now made many people fret whenever the bullpen door swings open. Sure, there have been some injuries to the unit that haven’t made it completely whole just yet, but even if that were different, it still feels like we as fans are biting fingernails every time we enter the later innings of the game.

So, for this week’s topic, it’s a simple one: rank the bullpen as it stands now according to how much you trust them. Start with the one you trust the most with any kind of situation in the game to the guy you would save for mop up duty in an 11-2 blowout loss. Tell why you trust your bullpen ace more than the others and why you choose the player you chose for the least leverage situation.

Go here and submit your piece. Good luck and happy writing!