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Game Thread 6/8: Brewers at Phillies

Oh great, another good team from the NL Central.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies just finished facing the Cubs, and now they have to take on the team that’s tied with them for first in the National League Central. No, not the Cardinals, thank god. The Brewers. Yes, those Brewers! Last year was not a fluke, they are doing well, and it’s scary.

But it’ll be okay. The Phillies can handle this. Right? Let’s just pretend they can because thinking about the alternative is too painful, especially since we’ll have to actually live through it this weekend.

Lineup time!

Oh wait, that’s not the lineup, that’s the COOLEST SAVED BY THE BELL/PHILLIES MASHUP I’VE EVER SEEN. Watch it and revel in its glory!

Okay, NOW the lineup.

Yay, Nick Williams is back in the lineup! Let’s see if Nick and the rest of them can support Vince Velasquez, and hopefully Vinny can have as good a start as he did last time. Only this time, with a win.

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