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Game Thread 6/9: Brewers at Phillies


MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Last night, oh god. Last night. It’s never fun to see the Phillies get annihilated like that, but it really just shows that the Phillies aren’t quite ready to compete at the top level yet.

They’re certainly better than last year’s team, that’s for sure. The mistakes they’re making, the slumps they’re in, many are due to inexperience. It’s so much better than any team from 2013-2017, because those mistakes were due to general sucking. Those players weren’t going to get any better. With Rhys Hoskins, J.P. Crawford, Nick Williams, Jorge Alfaro, Scott Kingery? There’s a whole lot of room for improvement. They’re still young and figuring things out.

This is what I’m distracting myself with today, because last night’s game was a stanky flaming mess. At least they didn’t get shut out. Four runs is better than no runs.

It’s Sandlot Night. During the day. But it’s still cute.

Let’s hope today’s game is better than yesterday’s. Even losing by four runs would be an improvement, considering they lost by eight last night.

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