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FanPost Friday: Some help with what we are looking for

Let’s lay out some groundwork that should have been done a while ago

Philadelphia Phillies v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

When I started the FanPost Friday series, I had in mind a way to help get you the fans more involved in writing. We have the FanPost section specifically for the readers to share some things they find interesting, something they may have researched, or something they may simply want to get off of their chest in a longer form rather than writing in the comments section. I’ve given some topics to try and spur on more posts, but we’d also like to see your own original topics fleshed out over several paragraphs. Overall, I think we’ve done a pretty good job of developing our FanPost section here at The Good Phight into one of the better ones at SB Nation.

What I didn’t realize is that there was still some confusion about what exactly we are looking for here. So, what I am doing today is a primer to the FanPost Friday series. Included are some ideas that we like to see, as well as some of those that I’ve seen from other SB Nation sites and kind of tweaked them to fit what we do here.

  • Make whatever it is you want us to read interesting - This comes from an idea from Gaslamp Ball, the Padres blog here at SB Nation. Usually, when we do FanPosts, I am the one that gives the topic, mostly to help you think about what you want to write. Trust me, I know how hard it is to come up with something to write about. However, if you are going to write something on your own that you want to be seen or you’re going to reply to the topic given, make it something that people will want to spend five minutes of their day on. We hope that we do that here on a consistent basis, so try and do the same. We don’t always hit it out of the park, but we are constantly striving to keep you coming back for more. Try and do the same!
  • Make it readable - A lot of times, when people put FanPosts up to be read, they don’t look at the available editing tools that can transform a post into a good one. Spellcheck is always a wonderful thing, as well as that little red squiggly line that shows up underneath questionable spellings, like player names or teams. However, the best editing tool there available is you. Proofread your work before hitting submit! There are going to be issues that slide through and that’s alright. I am just as guilty of making grammatical and spelling errors (there are probably multiple here already), but some of the ones I have seen are inexcusable. It is Scott Kingery, not Scott Kingry. Leaving players’ names misspelled is egregious and can’t happen. Take the five minutes to re-read your work before you turn it in.
  • Is it something you really want to post? - Before you go and write that nuclear take about something that management has done, think to yourself - do you truly want to expose yourself to the comments? Our commenters here at The Good Phight are some of the best ones around. Do we always agree? No. Will we call them out when necessary? Absolutely. Yet, in the words of Fish Stripes, the Marlins SB Nation blog:

simply be prepared to be challenged and defend your stance.

If you are going to write something here, you had better be ready for people to comment in a negative fashion. If you don’t feel comfortable taking criticism from others (CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, not personal attacks), I would recommend sitting it out for the week.

  • There are no comments. Why? - A note was passed to me that sometimes, people aren’t exactly sure where to post their thoughts, wondering why they aren’t able to comment on the FanPost Friday topic. To answer the first part, always head to the top of the main page to find the link to the FanPost section.

From there you can begin writing your post, knowing it autosaves every time you stop writing. As far as commenting, I have always turned off of the comments for the FanPost Friday topics because I WANT YOU TO WRITE A FANPOST ABOUT IT! That’s the whole purpose, right? I’m not going to be taking comments when I would much rather you expound on it in long form writing. Follow the above guidelines and we’ll be totally cool.

I hope these points help with how the direction of FanPost Fridays go. We want more involved writing. Give us some numbers, some charts, some images. These are the things that make your posts stand out.

All of that being said, let’s get into our topic for this week: who is the most underrated Phillies player this season? In your own words, who is the one crucial to the success of the team that isn’t getting too much ink? This would obviously rule out guys like Aaron Nola or Seranthony Dominguez. They’ve gotten enough love from us here as well as scribes across the Phillies universe. Head on over the FanPost section (click here if you aren’t sure) and give us your ideas. Good luck and happy writing!