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A Tribute to Aaron Nola

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On the day of his first All-Star Game, the Phillies’ ace deserves a special song in his honor

MLB: Game Two-Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 All-Star Game will be played on Tuesday night. Despite their first place status, the Phillies will have only one representative in the game. But don’t think for a second that Aaron Nola is only there as a token representative. He absolutely deserves his status as an All-Star.

By just about any measure, Nola has been among the best starters in baseball. If you prefer traditional stats, he ranks first in the National League in wins, and second in ERA. If you lean more towards the sabermetric side of things, he’s currently second in WAR and FIP.

I wanted to pay tribute to his amazing season. So I took an assist from the British rock band The Kinks, and came up with this little ditty:

He played his college ball down at LSU,

Where they ask for a Coke when they want to order a soda. S-O-D-A soda.

The Phillies had the seventh pick in the draft.

When their turn came, they said that they wanted to take Aaron Nola. N-O-L-A-Nola. No-no-no-no-Nola.

Well, Ruben’s never been the best personnel guy,

But when he made this pick, he surely got it right.

He took Aaron Nola. No-no-no-no-Nola.

Well, I’m not dumb, but I can’t understand,

How a “number three starter” became the best in the land. That’s Aaron Nola. No-no-no-no-Nola.

He was as fine as prospect as we’d ever seen.

And reached the majors in 2015.

He pitched six strong innings in his debut.

And that was the point when we all knew.

I’m not the world’s greatest baseball scout,

But I knew we had a star beyond any doubt in Aaron Nola. No-no-no-no-Nola.

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Philadelphia Phillies Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

But then trouble arrived. Poor Nola got hurt.

He struggled some more. We all lost our faith.

But then he came back from injury.

And Aaron Nola turned things around.

His fastball improved, and a third pitch was found. Aaron Nola. No-no-no-no-Nola.

In 2017 he started to shine.

He pitched like an ace with a mullet divine. Aaron Nola. No-no-no-no-Nola.

Well he got the start on the Opening Day,

But in the sixth inning, Kapler took him away.

And when the game was lost by the bullpen.

We all screamed at Kapler, “Never do that again!”

Well I’m not the world’s smartest baseball fan.

But I know who’s the man and I’m glad he’s our man, it’s Aaron Nola. No-no-no-no-Nola. No-no-no-no-Nola.

Enjoy the All-Star Game!