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FanPost Friday: Your most unusual memorabilia

Inspired by some awesome work by a local artist, tell about something you own

Philadelphia Phillies v Colorado Rockies, Game 3 Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

This week’s FanPost Friday is a little bit different. I wanted to talk about things we own as Phillies fans that are different from the standard jerseys, shirseys and baseball cards. We’ve probably also got a bobblehead or two sitting around somewhere, but I want to get in to the really different stuff.

Before we get there though, I wanted to introduce you to a guy who has been doing something really interesting as a Philadelphia sports fan. Most of us probably have a picture of something Phillies-related in our house. A photograph of a seminal moment in the team’s history that we want to remember. This guy has taken those pictures and made it into an art form. Literally. People say a picture is worth a thousand words. This guy, Dan Duffy, takes that concept and runs with it. He has created pictures of Philadelphia sports figures and stadiums made entirely out of words. Seriously. Check this one out of Brad Lidge.


That’s incredible. He has other ones as well. These are from his Twitter account.

I was curious about these prints so I got in touch with him to ask a few questions.

How did you get the idea to do these?

This whole idea started as a way to impress my then girlfriend (now wife) - she’s a huge Phillies fan and this was early 2009...they had just won the World Series. I created a Brad Lidge word art (written with every game from the 2008 season) to impress her, and we ended up selling some prints in the Citizens Bank Park lots before home games. People kept saying how they made great gifts, and that they loved finding their favorite games within the piece. So I continued creating new artwork and the rest is history. This specific piece was something I wanted to do for all generations of Phillies fans - hoping it gives an opportunity to connect parents and grandparents with their kids to find their favorite Phillies together!

How long does one usually take?

Anywhere from 50-150 Hours...this specific one was about 100.

What is your favorite piece you’ve ever done?

It’s either the Brad Lidge 2008 World Series or the Eagles Championship Parade pieces. They were the only Philly championships throughout my lifetime and are moments I had witnessed with my own eyes!

These are some incredible pieces of art. You can find them on his website,, available for purchase. They’re highly recommended.

So, for this week’s FanPost Friday topic: what is the most unusual piece of Phillies’ memorabilia you own? These pieces of art aren’t exactly unusual, but I’d be willing to bet they aren’t what you think of when you think of things hanging on your wall. I know I had never seen them before until they showed up on my timeline. Write a FanPost telling about whatever unusual piece of memorabilia you own. I can’t wait to see what some of you have!