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Well, this sucked: Padres 10, Phillies 2


MLB: Game One-San Diego Padres at Philadelphia Phillies Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

I spent the entirety of this 10-2 loss driving. I went through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio before it was over. And it sucked.

For a few precious minutes, and maybe for even an inning or two, it seemed like the Phillies could repeat Friday’s glorious comeback-win-turned-beatdown. The Padres put up three runs on Nick Pivetta in the first inning (after he’d gotten two outs, of course, because Phillies pitchers don’t just have problems with first inning runs, but their problems from last year with being able to finish innings and get the third out have returned with a vengeance), and the Phillies countered with a Rhys Hoskins home run in the bottom of the first. And then... nothing. No miraculous comeback.

It’s not like they didn’t have chances. The Phillies left runners on base in the first, second, and third innings. All told, they left 11 men on base this afternoon, and were 0-for-10 with runners in scoring position. They had just six hits, and their second run came from a force out in the fifth.

Their hitting wasn’t their only problem, obviously. When Freddy Galvis has a three-hit game (his second in a row), you know the pitching wasn’t up to the task. (Love you Ferd, you’re still a defensive wizard! Never change!) Overall, the Padres are 27th in batting average, 29th in OBP, last in slugging, and 27th in home runs. Today, the Padres had 15 hits. This was just the fifth time this season they’ve scored double-digit runs.

There isn’t much more I want to say about this game, other than this: Mark Leiter Jr. is bad. At least right now. That ninth inning was just... woof. The Phillies didn’t have much of a choice but to toss him out there and leave him there since they have another game at 6, and the game was already out of reach when he took the mound. (It was 7-2, but the way the Phillies were hitting, yeah the game was out of reach.) But he just kept tossing cookies up there, and the Padres kept hitting them.

Ugh. Well, at least now I can grab a beer and relax tonight, since the game is over.

Oh, wait. They have another one in a half hour.

Catch you guys soon!