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Dinger Party: Phillies 9, Reds 4

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Dingers for everyone!

Philadelphia Phillies v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Oh man, the Phillies hit SO MANY DINGERS last night. SO MANY. They beat the Reds 9-4, they hit seven home runs, and I was there!

Let’s start with a few words about Ranger Suarez, who made his major league debut on Thursday. He gave up four runs (two homers) on six hits in five innings, so it could have been better. But considering that it was perfect hitting weather, it could have been so much worse. In all, he handled himself well and stayed composed. And the Phillies fans around the stadium were extremely supportive.

But last night’s game wasn’t about the pitching. It was about the hitting. The Phillies had 18 (!?!?) hits in all, which included seven home runs, with three players hitting two each. Rhys Hoskins hit two.

Maikel Franco hit two.

And Nick Williams hit two, in addition to two other hits.

Having seven home runs in one game is rare, as is having three players hit two each. It hasn’t been done in the majors for fifteen years.

And the Phillies have only done it once before!

A few things that you won’t get from the broadcast.

  • At one point, when Scott Kingery had just hit a single and was taking off his hitting gear at first base, Hoskins was trying to get his attention to do the two hands raised finger snapping thing they all do when they’re on base. He tried. And Scott wasn’t looking. So Rhys kept doing it. Then he tried waving his arms. Then he yelled a little and waved his arms again. This went on for, no kidding, at least 30 full seconds. Scott was really involved in getting his gear off and then getting a lead, and eventually Rhys just did a “aw, forget it” hand motion and sat back down in the dugout. It was so adorable and so human.
  • Seeing these players up close (we were sitting about 15 rows behind the visitors dugout) was really great, but it revealed something very important to me: Jorge Alfaro is smoldering. The TV cameras don’t catch it, but dude is EXTREMELY good looking.
  • There were Phillies fans EVERYWHERE. It’s hard to tell because the Reds also use red and white, but Phillies fans pretty much invaded that ballpark. I’d say it was probably 30% Phillies fans, and they were loud and decked out in their finery. Maroon John Kruk and Darren Daulton jerseys. Sixers playoff shirts. Eagles Super Bowl gear. Entire families were there cheering on the Phillies. One family all had Nick Williams shirts: one for mom, one for dad, and the two little girls each wore one. Then there was the family who loved Maikel Franco, with the dad, little son, and uncle all in Franco shirts. I saw Eagles tattoos and Philly Special gear and every single person was hyped to see the Phillies. By the end, when many Reds fans had left (but not as many as you’d think, Reds fans are mostly amazing), we just cheered loudly and did chants and enjoyed being in the presence of other people from home.
  • A dude in a maroon pullover Daulton jersey was in the section next to us, and in the eighth inning security came down to escort him and his friends out. They protested, because they hadn’t been doing anything wrong. Everyone around him (and in the next section) was puzzled, because he’d been a nice, enthusiastic dude who helped a young girl hold up her Phillies sign earlier. As he left, we all booed because there seemed to be no reason this guy was being led out. As he was going, Daulton Jersey Guy started motioning to the three Reds fans dudebros that were sitting in front of them, who were snickering like, well, idiot dudebros. Here’s what we gleaned from listening to the conversations happening around us: the dudebros didn’t like how enthusiastic the Phillies fans were, so they called security on them. Maybe seven minutes later, Daulton Jersey Guy returned with security behind him. And then the dudebros were escorted out while Daulton Jersey Guy got his seat back! The Phillies fans all cheered as those morons were being led away, with one guy behind us yelling “YOU’RE SOFT!” as they left. It was beautiful.

I’m going back to Great American Ballpark tonight. You couldn’t keep me away if you tried. I’d walk there if I had to. Seeing the Phillies play in person is so much fun, and doing it with so many other Phillies fan in a non-Phillies city is extraordinary.

It’s time to get on board.