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Game Thread 7/27: Phillies at Reds

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What will the Phillies do tonight?

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Cincinnati Reds Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

What will our Philadelphia Phillies do tonight? Last night they impressed us with seven homers, tying a franchise record. Tonight, though, all I’m hoping for is a win. That’s all I hope for on any night. Anything beyond that is just extra wonderfulness.

I’ve been saying this before every Nick Pivetta start for over a month: where is Good Nick? Will he come back? Can he come back tonight? Like right now, immediately? Or is he gone forever, never to be seen again? Because with Cole Hamels now on the Cubs for some reason (good god, don’t make me think about it), the Phillies best option for another starter is someone they have getting better. And that someone should be Nick Pivetta.

Come back to us, Good Nick. And discuss the game in the comments below.