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The Dirty Inning, Episode 30: Eaton alive

On July 12, 2008, Adam Eaton did what he did best for the Phillies that year: Ruin everything.

Philadelphia Phillies v San Francisco Giants Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

When you think about the 2008 Phillies, there are some pretty standard images that come to mind: The confetti. The champagne. Matt Stairs’ magnificent torso slowly circulating the base paths.

One of the vulnerabilities on that team was the starting pitching, in that both Adam Eaton and Freddy Garcia failed to prove effective at any point throughout their tenures as Phillies hurlers. Eaton, especially, seemed to have a knack for coughing up leads, spewing up hits, and barfing runs all over the infield.

In a mid-July contest with the Diamondbacks, Eaton was in peak form, letting an Arizona rally begin in the top of the fourth that saw the Snakes score eight times in a single frame. And whole better to start things off for the D-Backs offense than their starting pitcher, Randy Johnson.

Let Justin and Trevor take you back to one of the most lopsided and least interesting pitching match-ups of all time on the latest episode of The Dirty Inning.

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