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Here’s your constantly updating Phillies trade rumor mill

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It’s time to white knuckle it through the last hours of the MLB trade deadline.

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Toronto Blue Jays Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE, 3:25 P.M.: It doesn’t sound like it’s Diekman, who has more suitors entering the mix and making a hard push.

This name mean anything to you? If not, check in with @Matt_Winkelman.

UPDATE, 3:16 P.M.: But oh ho ho, don’t forget, there’s still a reliever to secure. The Phillies aren’t done yet. Bullpen help of the left-handed variety is apparently more than a possibility at this point, it’s just a matter of who the Phillies are getting closer to. Is it Jake Diekman, like we heard earlier in the day? Man, I don’t know.

UPDATE, 3:00 PM:’s Mark Feinsand is calling the Wilson Ramos rumor a ‘done deal,’ after a brief spelling mishap.

UPDATE, 1:25 PM: We’ve got a hot new trade rumor, folks.

Let’s see where this goes.

UPDATE, MINUTES LATER: Everyone’s got a Harper take, from the quiet, to the aggressive, to the nuclear. In the meantime, the Phillies are in need of either Tommy Hunter to copy and paste his performance in last night’s game across the rest of the season, or pursue more bullpen help. They are currently after some lefty relievers who are available. A reunion with Jake Diekman is possible, according to Ken Rosenthal. Will Smith of the Giants is also in the mix.

UPDATE, 10:30 AM: Mike Rizzo found his phone.


Good morning, the Phillies lost in 13 innings after Aaron Nola threw a gem. Not long after, Bryce Harper was made available for trade. Then Ian Kinsler was traded to the Red Sox for some reason. Also, it’s Gabe Kapler’s birthday.

As the 4 p.m. trade deadline draws ever nearer, the Phillies are involved with just about every rumor and uninvolved with just about any trade thus far.

Let’s start with this morning, when opinions differed on the likelihood of whether Harper will be traded, but as usual, the Phillies are mentioned in the same breath as the Nationals superstar.

Everyone knows the Phillies will be after Harper this off-season, as it’s been said that owner John Middleton is keen on going after both Harper and Manny Machado.

In the mean time, the Phillies are connected to everyone:

The Phillies could stand to improve in all areas, but that doesn’t make everyone a solid fit. They’ve already dealt for Asdrubal Cabrera from the Mets to float around the infield and theoretically make the lineup more formidable, but the bullpen could use a boost, the bench could use a bat, the offense could use a guy who does the thing where he hits an additional hit when there’s runners on base, allowing the runners to touch home plate, leading to runs for the Phillies.

We’ll see what happens. Look for this page to be updated all day. Gird your loins and look for the blue checkmark.