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All You Need is Nola: Phillies 3, Mets 1

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Aaron Nola pitched - and hit - the Phillies to victory in the second half of a doubleheader

MLB: Game Two-Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets
Aaron Nola was a star on the mound and with the bat
Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

After losing game one of a doubleheader to the New York Mets, the Phillies needed Aaron Nola to pitch a good game. He certainly accomplished that. They probably didn’t expect him to also come through with the bat, but as it turned out, they needed that just as much.

On the mound, Nola was in command from the very start as he struck out the side in the first inning. While he also allowed a single in that inning, I can forgive him for that considering it was the only hit he allowed all night.

Meanwhile, the Phillies’ offense wasn’t providing him with much (any?) run support. Mets starter Corey Oswalt was actually better than Nola with a perfect game through four innings.

In the fifth, Oswalt’s command wavered, and he walked two batters. With two outs, the Mets chose to intentionally walk Maikel Franco and face Nola. Apparently they didn’t realize that Aaron Nola can do it all.

Unfortunately, Nola’s teammates didn’t follow his example. They only managed one other hit the rest of the game - and that was an infield single by Carlos Santana.

The way Nola was pitching, it seemed like it wouldn’t matter. However, he threw 105 pitches in seven innings, so the Phillies would require two innings of relief to close it out.

Tommy Hunter pitched the eighth, and to my surprise, he handled it well. I was feeling pretty good for a minute.

And then I wasn’t.

Sure enough, Hunter made things difficult. After recording the first two outs, he hit a batter, gave up a double, and then walked the potential tying run. The Phillies were forced to call upon Victor Arano who had already suffered a loss in the first game.

Thankfully, Arano got the job done this time. He struck out Devin Mesoraco and the Phillies came away with a much-needed victory.

Thanks to both the arm and the bat of Aaron Nola, the Phillies won a game in which they only managed two hits. It’s been quite some time since they accomplished that: