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Game Thread 8/10: Phillies at Padres

I hope you liked late night baseball, because it doesn’t get any later than this.

San Diego Padres v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

While the Nationals play the Cubs and the Braves get the Brewers, the Phillies have a somewhat less daunting task in San Diego this week. Sure, these Phillies can lose to anyone,—they did last year, going 1-5 against the Padres. But if Zach Eflin can mow through this lineup sporting the third-worst team BA in all of baseball the way he tore up the Marlins, then there should be nothing to worry about. Except the Phillies sporting the second-worst team BA in all of baseball as they face Jacob Nix, a hurler making his big league debut following a 1.84 ERA performance in the minors.