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Game Thread 8/14: Red Sox at Phillies

They meet again.

Philadelphia Phillies v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Tonight, the Phillies face the enormous, chainsaw-handed behemoth of the American League. The Boston Red Sox have come to town, and the only way out is through. Last time, they faced Aaron Nola and Jake Arrieta. Let’s see who’s taking the mound this time.

Well okay then! That’s, uh, Nick Pivetta!

I’m not going to shit on Nick Pivetta here. He’s done good work on the mound for the Phillies this year, but we know what he is, and that’s a back-end starter. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But thinking about a back-end starter facing this murderers row of Red Sox hitters — or even just Mookie Betts! — is not super duper fun.

But Nick has surprised us before, and he could do it again. I have faith. Will I regret having that faith? Who knows! I think we’ll find out in ::checks watch:: maybe ten or twenty minutes into today’s game!

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