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Game Thread 8/2: Marlins at Phillies

The Phillies will try to use four games with the Fish to further the minute success they discovered in Boston.

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

June was bad for Nick Pivetta, with its 7.71 ERA that month through six starts—allowing eight home runs and 24 ER. July was only slightly better, as the numbers came down to “fine” but not “desirable” territory, and he contributed to more losses than wins. This month, though, is called “August,” making it different from June and July. On top of that, in his sole start against Miami this season, Pivetta threw 5.2 shutout innings, which is... well again, it’s fine.

The Phillies got a pair of deep starts from Aaron Nola and Jake Arrieta at Fenway Park, so if Pivetta can keep the Marlins off the board and give way to the bullp... you know what, let’s just hope for the best. None of the Phillies, save Asdrubal Cabrera, have ever seen Miami starter Pablo Lopez, so who knows? Maybe they’ll hang six crooked numbers on him. Happy Thursday, everyone.