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FanPost Friday: Convince me that this team will win

It’s getting awfully negative around these parts. Let’s change that.

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

As I write this, the Philllies are 69-58, three games back on the division lead, and one game back of a wild card spot. They have 35 games in which they can reach the playoffs by winning either one of these spots. Sure, they have hit a rough patch here, suffering some gut punch losses that should have easily been wins, bolstering their win total in the process. They haven’t and here they sit.

Flashback to March 1. How many of you could have been convinced that this would be the position they’d be in at this point? It’s doubtful even the most ardent fan thought they’d be this good. Sure, some of us thought they’d be better, perhaps even push for a wild card spot if everything broke right, but eventually they’d peter out and end the season early. This is perhaps the reason so many fans these days have been so negative about the team. They see them as overachievers, one that is finally “playing like they were supposed to.” It’s truly amazing how a team doing this well can have so many fans convinced they are so bad.

So, for this week’s topic, let’s do this: convince me that this team is good enough to make it to, and win in, the playoffs. Sure there are holes, that I will acknowledge, but I truly think this team can do it. I just want to hear you say it.

Remember all of what we are looking for with these FanPosts and write accordingly. The best one will be posted on the main page Sunday evening. Good luck and happy writing!