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Game Thread 9/10, Part 1: Nationals at Phillies

Let’s make this game up.

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when we were overjoyed at baseball’s return, the sun was out, and the Phillies were winning? Now summer is over, school is in session, the Phillies are further out of a playoff spot than ever, and they’re blow torching the infield.

It’s been a rough couple weeks. But don’t worry, today’s lineup for game one of the double-header as the Phillies and Nationals make up last night’s postponement does not feature J.P. Crawford! Were you worried about that? If yes, that’s weird! He should probably be in it once or twice before the end of the season.

Let me ask you guys something: Where is J.P.? Is he all right? Or this like the Iowa Baseball Confederacy and we’ve all just inherited the belief that J.P. Crawford was real from our delusional fathers?

Anyways, game one! Comment away!