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FanPost Friday: Your worst weather experience at a Phillies game

Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Did you think I was going to ask about anything else?

This week’s game that was postponed because of unplayable field conditions was just...weird. As a professional sports franchise with many thousands of dollars riding on each and every game, the fact that they wouldn’t even tarp the field during a rainstorm, even if they had planned to leave it uncovered, is basically inexcusable. We don’t like to bring up the local radio stations around these parts too often, but you can’t help but agree with them when they talk about looking out the window to see the amount of rain falling and hustling to the stadium to pull the tarp on. Since they did not, the team was left as the latest in the city to have to cancel a game lest the players play on a field that might cause an injury.

So, as a testament to this week’s cancellation, I wanted you to tell me about your weather experiences. What is the worst weather experience you have had at a Phillies game? I know mine was quite easy to recall. In 2009, the Phillies went to the World Series against the Yankees. Prior to game 3, the weather was about 75 degrees and comfortable. I decided that wearing shorts and t-shirt was the best route since it would be warm enough to wear. As I approached the Walt Whitman Bridge and saw the gathering storm clouds, I immediately became wary of what was about to hit. A thunderstorm came through the city, dropping the temperature down about 20 degrees, making my attire an ill-informed decision. I spent the rest of the game huddled underneath a poncho I had happened to store in my car, resisting the urge to purchase an officially licensed World Series hoodie that probably cost in the neighborhood of a kidney.

Head on over to the FanPosts section and let us know your worst experience. Bonus points if a blowtorch was involved. Happy writing!