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Game Thread 9/18: Mets at Phillies

The faster this starts, the sooner it ends!

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It’s so unfair to put everything on Aaron Nola’s shoulders. He’s handled it so well, but it’s supremely unfair for the Phillies’ chances of winning a game — any game — often depends solely on him.

But here we are again. It’s happening and we can’t stop it. Aaron Nola starts tonight, and after yet another putrid attempt to beat the Mets, it’s up to Aaron Nola to give the Phillies’ offense a chance to win.

He’s had such an incredible season, and while not a pitch has been wasted in reality, it feels somewhat wasted given how the last six weeks have gone.

But no. It’s not true. Nothing about Aaron Nola’s brilliance is wasted on anything or anyone. He’s a gem, and we’re lucky to have him no matter how the Phillies are doing.

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