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Hittin’ Season #250: Odubel, Alfaro, Kingery and the worst rules in MLB

On the latest episode of Hittin’ Season, riffing off last night’s AFC Championship Game and the worst rules in MLB.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In last night’s AFC Championship Game, the New England Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime because they won a coin toss and proceeded to march down the field and score a touchdown. Kansas City’s young quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, who moments earlier had led a game-tying drive with :36 seconds on the clock, never got a chance to touch the football.

Folks, the NFL’s overtime rules are the worst in sports. It is simply ridiculous that a team would not get a chance to touch the ball, no matter what the opposition does with their opening possession. But on Episode 250 of “Hittin’ Season,” it got us thinking — what are the worst rules in Major League Baseball?

  • The Buster Posey Rule
  • The Designated Hitter (I vehemently disagree with this, by the way, and the NL should adopt the DH but that’s an argument for a different day) :-)
  • Managers being allowed to have someone in the clubhouse look at replay before deciding whether or not to challenge a play on the field
  • The old intentional walk rule

And there are others.

On this episode, John Stolnis, Liz Roscher and Justin Klugh talked about the game, these crappy rules, and other topics including:

  • Why more MLB announcers should be like Tony Romo
  • Odubel Herrera could be primed for a bounceback season in 2019
  • Why Jorge Alfaro could be the one young player not named Rhys Hoskins or Aaron Nola to make numerous All-Star teams moving forward
  • The debate over Mike Moustakas vs. Maikel Franco
  • Too many people are throwing dirt over Scott Kingery at this point