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Phillies daily links: 1/28/19

Things happened...but not to the Phillies :(

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Steve Bedrosian winds back to pitch Photo by: Rick Stewart/Getty Images

<sigh> Another weekend, another lost opportunity to blow teams out of the water with financial muscle. This weekend saw a lot of interesting things happen. Many of them weren’t exactly the most thrilling and might cause some people to adjust their tinfoil hat, but they were interesting nonetheless. On to the links!

Here at The Good Phight:

Other Phillies news:

MLB esoterica:

  • This is where things get interesting. I linked earlier to the Phillies’ take on the Padres-Machado rumors, so here is the initial report. Now, in my opinion, I find it highly suspicious that a team which hasn’t been linked to either of the big free agents at all this offseason all of a sudden has real interest in them in the days after a report came out where their financials were suddenly made public. People saw that - shock of shocks - a baseball team had money to afford a large contract. Because of that reveal, the Padres’ interest in Machado picks up. To me - this is all a bluff because now people know that they are making a lot of money. They won’t really spend it, but the illusion of spending it looks really good to a fanbase that realistically needs to wait another year or two for a true contender.
  • Speaking of teams and money, the Dodgers had a Fanfest this weekend and team president Stan Kasten was open about why the team hasn’t been spending like they should. Rather, he wasn’t exactly open, which is the story. This is a story that people really need to pay attention to as we slowly work towards the end of the CBA. I saw it noted somewhere that the team gets $280 million from a TV deal before they account for other revenue. That makes up all of the team’s ~$200 million payoll. But the team can’t afford more players? The threat of a strike is very real, folks.
  • Whit Merrifield signed a 4 year/$16.25 million extension with the Royals with an option for a fifth year to up the guarantee. I like Merrifield and am very happy for him.
  • Former Giants owner Peter Magowan passed away Sunday. From everything I’ve read, he saved baseball in San Francisco, so that’s pretty awesome.

Until next time...