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How to listen to the Hittin’ Season podcast!

A guide to listening to the best Phillies podcast on the interwebs.

Podcasts are awesome.

It’s not just that it’s a growing medium for audio-based entertainment, it’s that they are also becoming increasingly sophisticated and convenient. Instead of being at the mercy of whatever your local sports talk radio station is providing for content that day, podcasts allow you, the avid Phillies fan, the ability to pick and choose which voices you want to hear and when.

And sometimes, it’s the only time you get to hear some Phillies talk.

With that in mind, we have a podcast we’d like to recommend, hosted by me, John Stolnis, a writer for this fine website, along with Justin Klugh of Baseball Prospectus and Liz Roscher from Yahoo! Sports.

It’s called Hittin’ Season. And boy, does it ever hit... the spot.

(I promise the podcast has better jokes than that.)

Join this trio of Phillies writers and podcasters as we talk to baseball insiders, writers, and every once in a while, someone from the Phils’ organization about what’s going on with the team and the relationship they share with the city.

And I’m pleased to announce that Hittin’ Season has formed a new partnership with an iconic brand in the city, PBS affiliate WHYY and perhaps the best website for all things Philadelphia, Make sure to check out our landing page there, for all our podcasts.

You can still catch Justin and Dr. Trevor Strunk’s often-hilarious, always-informative and award-winning pod “The Dirty Inning,” a podcast that was named one of Philly’s Best Podcasts for 2018, over at our Hittin’ Season Patreon, as well as “Absolutely Hammered,” an unhinged look at the state of the Phils with Justin and Chris Jones.

You can listen to these podcasts in your car, while you’re out for a jog, mowing your lawn, washing your dishes, or anything else on the go. If you have a mobile phone, podcasts are a cheap, easy and fantastic source of content for everyone.

By now, most of you know how to access podcasts, so here’s how you can subscribe to Hittin’ Season on your platform of choice. Thanks for giving us a try and please don’t forget to leave a 5-star rating and a review of the show if you happen to listen on Apple Podcasts.

Hope you enjoy the show!

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