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All quiet on the Phillies front, but for how long?

Are the Phils considering more than just a change in skipper?

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies-Bryce Harper Press Conference Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been three days since the end of the 2019 regular season and yet we still have no word on what changes, if any, the Phillies plan to make.

Hey, we all have to be open to the possibility that no changes are coming. Phils manager Gabe Kapler is under contract for next year. General manager Matt Klentak signed a three-year extension prior to the start of 2019 that takes him through the 2022 season, and team president Andy MacPhail also recently signed a contract extension that takes him through the year 2021.

So it’s highly possible that no major changes are coming, but it’s still a bit strange that no one from the front office, no one, has spoken a word about the 2019 season as of yet. Last year’s end-of-season news conference by MacPhail took place on October 2, Klentak held his on October 1. Major League Baseball generally likes for teams to make any news prior to the start of the MLB Postseason, and that train has left the station. Six teams have already announced managerial changes, and speculation has run rampant over the last few days that the Phils would join them in doing the same.

And yet, we’ve been getting radio silence from the Phillies, and it doesn’t appear as if that is going to end on Wednesday, either.

In fact, there were reports it was business as usual, to a degree, at the ‘ol ballyard on Tuesday.

So, what gives? If the Phillies were going to make a change at manager, wouldn’t it have happened by now? The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Scott Lauber published a piece yesterday itemizing a few reasons why there may have been a delay — indecision by Middleton, they’re waiting for a potential replacement to decide what he wants to do before moving on from Kapler, or they’re trying to decide on another role for Kapler.

But the more this thing drags on, the more questions begin to arise about potential changes made in addition to Kapler.

Gelb noted there was a significant delay between the end of the season and the Phillies dismissing then-GM Ed Wade from his gig back in 2005, and the prolonged silence now will only perpetuate speculation that a similar fate could await Klentak and/or MacPhail.

The odds on that are still long, however, as noted by Stark.

Conversations are undoubtedly being had about everything in the organization. They are likely talking about the correct use of analytics, how to use them better, whether there are enough teachers in the organization, whether players feeling listened to, should there be more structure and leadership coming from the top, and whether the personnel charged with turning things around after two disappointing and mediocre seasons is good enough.

Deliberation is good, but at some point, as a decision maker, a choice has to be made and a direction has to be charted. Sometimes it’s good for decisions to be made by a committee, but it can also lead to paralysis by analysis and can make it nearly impossible to hold anyone accountable. Decisions by committee take longer, especially if some members of that committee may be among those in trouble.

So, we wait. We watch. And we wonder just what the heck is going on.