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In a pinch, Phil Gosselin wasn’t bad

As long as you didn’t ask him to start a game, hit for power, or play defense, Phil Gosselin had a fine season

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets
Phil Gosselin: Pinch hitting singles machine
Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

The numbers

.262/.294/.308, 0 HR, 7 RBI, -0.1 fWAR

The good

Gosselin was effective as a pinch hitter, going 10-32 in pinch hit opportunities. He’s also from here, having grown up in West Chester.

The bad

He was not especially good as a starter. In his first start of the season, Gosselin hit a three-run double that helped the Phillies to a win over the Rockies.

Unfortunately, that was apparently his quota for positive contributions as a starter. His slash line in games that he started was a dismal .148/.148/.222.

You’d hope that a backup infielder would be strong defensively, but that wasn’t the case for Gosselin. He played shortstop, third base, and left field, but didn’t distinguish himself at any of them. He didn’t compensate for that poor defense with much power. That aforementioned double was one of just three extra base hits for the season.

The future

Gosselin will probably get a minor league invite somewhere, and considering his local roots, there’s a chance it will be with the Phillies. Perhaps with an additional bench spot being added to major league rosters next season, a team will take a chance on a guy who has proven he can provide an occasional pinch hit. But it seems more likely that due to his lack of power and defense, Gosselin will continue to be a quad-A type player, only getting called up when a team suffers an injury or two.