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World Series GameThread

Where the Phillies’ fans can share in their complete apathy toward this series!

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s almost over.

The 2019 reaches its denouement with the World Series. Two teams that have reached the final series on the strength of their rotations battle it out to see who can call themselves champions. There are several running storylines that will shape this series:

  • Scherzer vs. Cole might be one of the best game one matchups we have seen in some time
  • Is this the end of the Stephen Strasburg-Nationals relationship?
  • Can the Astros win one more before their dynasty begins to fall apart with the departure of Cole?
  • Will any pitchers for the Nationals other than the four starters and Daniel Hudson throw a pitch?
  • Can John Smoltz continue to hate the game of baseball anymore than he currently does?

Come for the conversation, stay for the laughs!