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Nick Vincent was not high leverage

Remember when the Phillies used Nick Vincent in key spots down the stretch? That was fun.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Cleveland Indians
Nick Vincent and high-leverage situations didn’t mix well in 2019
Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The numbers (with Phillies)

14.0 IP, 1-2 W-L, 1.93 ERA, 30.4 K%, 7.1 BB%

The good

The Phillies signed Vincent as a free agent and recalled him to the majors in early September. For the most part he was effective, not allowing any runs in 12 of his 14 appearances.

The bad

In one of those scoreless outings, the only reason he didn’t give up any runs was because he allowed two inherited runners to score, ending the game. That came a day after he served up a walk-off home run in an eleven-inning loss to the Reds.

Those two games taught us an important lesson that everyone involved really should have already known: A team with hopes of contention probably shouldn’t call upon a guy they picked up off the scrap heap in high-leverage situations.

The future

Vincent is a free agent, and I doubt the team will bring him back. Those high-profile failures aside, he wasn’t awful, but it feels like the Phillies can find better options for their bullpen than a 33-year-old journeyman.