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Winter Meetings recap, Day 2

Anything big happen yet?

2019 ALCS Game 5 - Houston Astros v. New York Yankees Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Well, boy howdy. These winter meetings are actually turning out to have some news involved after all!

Actual, real baseball moves!

Of course by now, you are aware that the Phillies employ a new shortstop. Yes, those free wheelin’ Phils are adding to the ledger yet again, getting their man without having to give up a draft pick, something that was clearly a goal. But, were you aware of what kind of impact he’ll have on the team? I’LL BET NOT!

I’ve seen some grumblings and rumblings around the interwebs about how this doesn’t really push them any closer to the playoffs, how they should continue to spend, how this isn’t a playoff team yet, etc. Listen - you may not be wrong! In fact, there is a decent chance you’re right. But for now, how about just enjoying the fact that the team is spending money, something that other teams aren’t doing? Also:

Rumors of things yet to come to pass

Let’s pour one out for the guys who saved a butt ton of money while actively trying to not pay players while scorching the earth in Houston.

The official Ethan Gerrit Cole contract prediction: 8 years/$280.8 million. It would be $35.1 million AAV, setting records for everthing. Mark it down.



The All-MLB awards were handed out. We don’t really care too much, except for the backstop.

Best catcher in baseball, baby