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Moving forward at The Good Phight

We want your opinion!

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 10 St Joseph’s at Temple Photo by Nicole Fridling/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As you may or may not know, Justin has moved on to greater heights from our merry band of writers here at The Good Phight. Since then, I’ve been given the task of keeping these good people in line and trying to give you, the reader, quality content. You come here to read about, analyze and discuss the Phillies and we are dedicated to keeping that going for you. We have a group of people here who are passionate about the team and are always looking to keep things fresh, but also looking to critique the team where and when it is needed. We have never shied from giving the team criticism when it is deserved, but we are always looking to be fair and thorough with what we deliver.

That being said, as we enter the new year ahead, we’d like to seek out your opinion on what you like to read about here at The Good Phight. I feel like we have a good blend of opinion based writing, fact- and data-based analysis and quality prospect coverage, but we’re also looking at what we can do to best to align with what you expect of us. So, we have some thoughts.

Click on this link and fill in the survey.

Now, keep in mind some things when you fill in the survey:

  • Be respectful - most of the people here are doing this for free out of their own passion for writing about the team. While we do ask what we can do better, we aren’t looking for you to be rude or inconsiderate about what we do produce.
  • Be honest - if there is something you think we can improve on, let us know! We have a lot of ideas about what to write and we can’t guarantee what you ask about will get done, but we would also like to see where we can get better.

Please also note: the comments here are turned off. If you want to comment on this - fill out the survey. If there is anything else you’d like me to take note of, you can always contact me directly (click on my bio).

Thanks for reading and go Phillies!