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2019 Phillies in review: Roman Quinn

You can probably guess where this is headed

San Diego Padres v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

The numbers

.213/.298/.370, 122 PA, 4 HR, 11 RBI, 8 SB (0 CS), 27.9 K%, 9.8 BB%, 0.1 fWAR

The good

Um, he didn’t get caught stealing. Oh, he also hit the most home runs he’s ever hit in a season in the major leagues. He also had the most baserunning runs according to Fangraphs (2.2) he’s ever had at the major league level. So yeah, there’s all that!

The bad

He got hurt.


It’s really just not even funny anymore. He’s always been a favorite of the team and of a subset of fans as well. The speed he has still remains even through all the ouchies and he has shown he can impact a baseball game. He just can’t stay healthy. There is no evidence that proves otherwise. I’ve never subscribed much to the “staying healthy is a skill” theory, but if it were true, then it is a skill Quinn does not possess. He has probably the worst luck of anyone in the history of the organization with the amount of times he’s gotten hurt.

The future

It seems like Quinn will be saved in 2020 by the addition of the 26th roster spot this coming season. He’s even been called out by name by Matt Klentak as having a shot at starting the season as the Opening Day starter in centerfield.

“I say all that (about Haseley) but we all know when Roman Quinn is healthy and playing his best baseball, you can’t take him out of the lineup,” Klentak said. “He has to play, he’s that dynamic and he impacts the game that much.”

Of course, we all know what it all depends on: health. If he can be healthy and productive at the same time, he’ll have the edge on Haseley and Odubel Herrera heading into spring training. But what has he done that gives anyone the benefit of the doubt? It’s best to consider him to the team’s top pinch hitter and pinch runner who occasionally gets a start or who can give you a solid two weeks of hitting and defense. To ask him to start 100+ games is simply foolish. We just hope he doesn’t have to go on the injured list again.