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The Dirty Inning: Ruffin up Bruce

It was a splendid summer day in 1989 when Bruce Ruffin pitched the worst first inning of his career.

Bruce Ruffin winds up to pitch Photo by: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Phillies and Mets have a rivalry that many have said has never gotten to grow to its full, hateful potential, due to both teams never being good for very long, and even more rarely at the same time. But what if the fact that they were both so wretched for so many years allowed them to sync up on a level as rivals that went largely unwatched, due to the patheticness of their franchises?

Join Justin and Trev as they travel back to 1989; an era of timeless fashion, film, and music.

Then, stop by The Vet to watch Bruce Ruffin get blown up by the Mets. There wasn’t much watchable about Ruffin’s first inning against Mookie Wilson, Gregg Jefferies, and the rest of the cranky ‘89 Mets. But we’re going to talk about it anyway.