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Phillies daily links: 2/11/19

We’re back!

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Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Well, that was an exciting week. The team made major news by acquiring the best catcher (and potential MVP candidate) in J.T. Realmuto. Yes, the price was high and those are don’t agree with it will have to eventually come to terms with it, but as has been mentioned, you can’t really argue that the team isn’t better now than they were at this time last week. Anyway, we’ve got you covered, so as the kids say - on to the links!

Here at The Good Phight:

Other Phillies news:

MLB esoterica:

  • The other big news of the weekend was the passing of Frank Robinson. Lots of stories were written about how good he was (I will use the word “underrated” as well), but my favorite came from the Athletic about when Robinson, as a manager, cried when he had to remove a player.
  • Melky Cabrera is heading to the Pirates on a minor league deal. Whoop de doo.
  • The Giants are getting annoying here, reportedly ready to offer Bryce Harper (you didn’t think I’d go the whole post without mentioning him?) a short term, big money deal. For all those who say they can’t afford him - yes they can.

Until next time....