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Contributing to The Good Phight

Interested in adding to TGP’s catalog this season? Here are a couple of ways how you can.

The 2019 season is swiftly closing in on us. Players are reporting to Clearwater for Spring Training, and they’ll be playing games before you know it. It’s an exciting time!

We at The Good Phight have plenty planned for you this season, from podcasts to regular features, and maybe even some other things we haven’t thought up yet.

Maybe you have some of those ideas we haven’t thought up yet. There are two good ways to make sure we find out that you’ve got those good ideas, and that’s to let us know about it!

One: Fanposts

Hosted right here on, Fanposts only require a free SB Nation account and your own brand of creativity.

They’ve been there all along, and we even had a couple of submissions get promoted to the front page last season! It’s the easiest way to get our attention, and the most direct way to get your words seen, potentially by a much wider audience.

It’s worth noting that this method is monitored far more closely than the alternative, which is...

Two: Share a Link

Use this form and link us to a piece of your published work. The piece can be linked anywhere, from a personal blog on down to a Google Drive file, as long as it’s a URL you can share through the form.

We will not use any piece you link us to on The Good Phight. That work is yours, not ours. If you decide you’d like to link us to a piece that you yourself also end up posting as a Fanpost, that’s obviously totally okay by us.

The bad news, as you may have expected, is that we cannot pay you for your contributions. We can give you a platform on the web and social media to be seen and heard through TGP’s channels, but that’s unfortunately all we can really offer you right now. This is a passion project for us, and it would probably have to be one for you, too.

We look for creativity, energy, and knowledge. You don’t have to understand how minor league option years work, but you should have a good grasp of what makes for “good” or “bad” baseball, and be able to explain yourself.

Think that sounds like you? Come on and show us! We’d love to hear from you.

UPDATE: The form is closed, by the Fanpost section never closes. We’ll continue to look for your submissions there.