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Phillies Daily Links, Sunday Edition, 2/17/19

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

It’s been a weekend where both nothing has happened and there’s been a ton of chatter about what will happen. We’ll see. As Phillies fans this offseason has brought us a lot of “what will happen” yet not much seems to materialize. However, as time moves forward the law of averages dictates that something will happen soon.

Here at The Good Phight:

Other Phillies News:

Nothing. We got it ALL!

  • Just kidding. According to multiple reports that all seemingly stem from a Jim Bowden tweet, the Phillies are “rounding third” on the Bryce Harper acquisition. Tuesday is when the official announcement is sadi to take place. We’ll.See.Com
  • Jean Segure is excited to phinally be with a team that’s not rebuilding and is very excited to play with/for the Phillies this season.
  • Aaron Nola further solidified his status as Philadelhpia Hero when he announced that he wanted to play here in Philadlephia for the Phillies. Nice.
  • Apparently the Phillies are putting Odubel Herrera right back where he was to end last season and he is not guaranteed the starting centerfielder job.
  • Phillies supreme commander Andy MacPhail had a press conference in which he stated that (1) the team is commited to manager Gabe Kapler and that Kap was fully vetted and nothing that the team didn’t already know came out, (2) Phillies can and will wait for MacHarper and that regardless of their potential acquisitons they’e improved the team significantly this offseason and (3) ticket sales don’t fully represent how that improvement as of yet.

MLB Esoterica

That’s all folks.