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The Dirty Inning: Some paint dries in Boston

Join Ken “Crafty” Raffensberger and the 1946 Phillies for a game against the Braves that for some wacky reason took place at Fenway Park.

New York Yankees v Boston Red Sox Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The 1946 Boston Braves were ready to impress people. They tried to gut the Cardinals roster for talent and upgraded Braves Field in Beantown, including a flashy new coat of paint for the reserved seats. Days later, they had screwed up their home opener at Braves Field so publicly that they had to play the Phillies at Fenway Park. Join Justin and Trev as they ask the age-old question, is moving the Braves to Boston the only way to make them worse?

Many questions are raised. What chemicals helped birth a wave of American serial killers? And could basing them in Boston be the only way to make the Braves seem worse?

For those of you with $5, you can listen to extreme bonus content for this episode, in which Justin and Trev discuss baseball injuries and health precautions in the early days of the sport, in which men were driven actually insane by head injuries and trainers were just the guys who carried the bats.