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The Dirty Inning: The Trout that got away

Was this the game that Mike Trout watched in 1996 and made him never want to play for the Phillies?

Fulton County Stadium

On August 7, 1996, the Phillies played a game on Mike Trout’s birthday and lost, 14-1. It was on that day, Justin and Trev theorize, on which the six-year-old Trout declared that yes, they were his hometown team and he loved them, but he would NEVER play for the Phillies.

Cut to 23 years later, and Trout came through on that potentially fictional promise by signing a contract extension with the Los Angeles Angels. At the end of the day, all the Eagles game balls and self-assured Philly columnists in the world couldn’t compete with the crushed spirits of a sad little boy on his birthday. Philadelphia just wasn’t Trout’s rightful place in the baseball world like a lot of people thought it was, and that’s okay. Join Justin and Trev as they journey back to the terrible baseball game that probably went a long way in making the Phillies look like an unappealing destination.