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Continued Success #49: Ruben Amaro Jr.’s 2009 rise to power

Ten winters ago, the Phillies got a new GM. His name was Ruben Amaro, Jr. Perhaps... you remember him.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The true nature of Continued Success has always been to chronicle the glory years of Phillies baseball, as we did last season with the 1993 and 2008 Phillies, both of which had milestone anniversaries. This year, it’s the 2009 Phillies turn.

Liz and Justin begin in the off-season, discussing crucial departures like Pat Burrell and third base coach Steve Smith, but the true story was the rise of RAJ. Ruben Amaro, Jr. inherited his GM job from Pat Gillick, beating out assistant GM Mike Arbuckle, and begun a legacy that would be a real rollercoaster ride as far as team success and fan perception. This and other topics, like Mike Trout’s extension with the Angels and Matt Winkelman’s March Badness bracket.