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2018 Over/Under/Never results

Before opening day, we have one final bit of 2018 left to revisit.

MLB: Spring Training-Tampa Bay Rays at Philadelphia Phillies
Hug it out, guy, my predictions weren’t great either.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

On March 30 of last year, we got together and made some predictions. Rhys Hoskins would hit a lot of dingers. Aaron Nola would strike a lot of guys out. And the Braves would be butts.

These predictions more or less all came true. What follows herein is how true they came, and who amongst us was the best.

But first, some fun details.

glanville! predicted that 222,010,465 people would pass through the Citizen’s Bank Park turnstiles last year, in what I assume was either a typo or a prediction that the turnstiles would be moved to the Walt Whitman Bridge.

Joecatz predicted that a mere 48,151,623 people would enter CBP, which is practically nothing at all. Interestingly, he also predicted 48,151,623 pitches would be thrown by Phillies’ pitchers, and 48,151,623 pitches would be faced by Phillies hitters. Again, either a series of typos or Joe was predicting something really unfortunate would happen to National League pitching.

While nearly everyone correctly predicted that Aaron Nola would lead the staff in strikeouts, nobody came close to predicting his 224 total. The closest was Nickchuck17, with 215.

While a fair number of us correctly predicted Ronald Acuna would win the Rookie of the Year voting, nobody got either the NL Cy Young or MVP awards correct.

Finally, let’s congratulate coopster778 for second place, with 20 points; and Eklund2Kerr, for winning, with 22 points overall. Well done! Full scores are here:

The 2019 campaign’s events will be posted tomorrow (to be clear, they’ll be posted later today as most of you will be actually reading this tomorrow). Before they go live, if anyone has any suggestions for improving this event, please do let us know in the comments below. What events are good, what are bad, what are pointless nonsense?