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2019 Over/Under/Never kickoff and events

Just in time for the season to start, here are this year’s prediction events!

MLB: Spring Training-Tampa Bay Rays at Philadelphia Phillies Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

As you hopefully saw, last year’s Over/Under/Never wrapped up last night. Which means, with the season starting tomorrow (today, when you’re likely reading this) it’s time to get the 2019 events under way!

The rules, if you don’t know them, are simple. Below are a series of events. For the first category, state whether you think the event will occur before (UNDER) or after (OVER) the listed date, or not at all (NEVER).

For the second category, state whether you think the number indicated, including playoffs for season totals if necessary, will be greater (OVER) or lesser (UNDER) than the number given.

Finally, in the third category, just take a shot in the dark and give your answer. If you think 220,000,000 people will visit Citizen’s Bank Park this year, put that in. Who knows, you might be right.

The Calendar Events

  1. First team shutout pitched by the Phillies - 4/15
  2. First walkoff loss - 4/15
  3. First walkoff win - 4/15
  4. First multi-homer game by any Phillie batter - 4/25
  5. 200th career hit for Rhys Hoskins (needs 19) - 5/1
  6. 200th career homer for Bryce Harper (needs 16) - 5/30
  7. 200th career walk for Jean Segura (needs 16) - 6/25
  8. 50th career Win for Aaron nola (needs 9) - 7/1
  9. First managerial ejection for Gabe Kapler - 7/10
  10. 100th career homer for Maikel Franco (needs 15) - 7/15
  11. First five-HR game for the Philliesa team - 7/25
  12. First complete game pitched by any Phillie pitcher - 8/15
  13. 30th career stolen base by Roman Quinn (needs 15) - 8/20
  14. 200th career stolen base by Andrew McCutchen (needs 15) - 9/10
  15. 20th career homer by Scott Kingery (needs 12) - 9/25

The Numerical Events

  1. Lowest single road-game attendance - 5,500
  2. Highest single home-game attendance - 44,500
  3. Total home runs hit by all Phillies players - 200
  4. Phillies pitchers recording at least one save - 7
  5. Phillies pitchers recording at least one win - 15
  6. Phillies record in one-run games - 0.550
  7. Phillies record in Interleague games - 0.550
  8. Total number of innings played in all extra-inning games combined (if even one batter in a half bats, that counts as an inning) - 160
  9. Total time elapsed during all Phillies games in 2019, in hours - 515
  10. Most games over .500 at any point in the season - 15

The Shots in the Dark

  1. Total attendance at Citizen’s Bank Park
  2. Will the Phillies be buyers, sellers or mixed at the trade deadline (if this isn’t close, I reserve the right to make an executive decision)
  3. Who will be the 2019 NL MVP?
  4. Who will be the 2019 NL Cy Young?
  5. Who will be the 2019 NL Rookie of the Year?
  6. Which team will win the 2019 NL Pennant?
  7. How many distinct starting lineups will be used by the Phillies?
  8. How many players will get innings at first base for the Phillies?
  9. Will the Alaska Goldpanners win the 2019 Midnight Sun Game, played at midnight in Fairbanks, AK, on 6/21 without the use of artificial lights?
  10. Finally, and if you get this wrong, I will be very disappointed: will the Braves be obnoxious?

That’s it! Fill in your answers in the comments below, and may the preciseest prognosticator prevail! Answers will be open until approximately when I feel like it, which is usually the first week or so of the season. If you get your answer in after an event has happened, please act like it didn’t.