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Every detail of Bryce Harper’s first Phillies homer

A handy reference for anything and everything related to one of the most exciting home runs in Phillies history

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

As far as home runs hit on March 30 go, there might never be a bigger one hit by anyone who plays for the Phillies. As a simple tribute, here is every detail, aspect, facet, video angle, and anything else we can find on Bryce Harper’s first Phillies homer.

You know, just in case you need it.

The Pitcher: Jesse Biddle

The Phillies’ 2010 1st-round pick had to fight his way through concussions to make it to the Majors eight years after being drafted, converted from starting to full-time relief and now in his second season with the Braves. The Phillies traded him to Pittsburgh in 2016 for Yoervis Medina, who’s no longer in the organization.

The Inning: 7th

Harper’s career OPS in his plate appearances in the 7th inning is his lowest of any inning. Heh. Go shove it, stats.

The Score: 6-4, Phillies

Fittingly, this seventh run ended up being the game-winning run in an 8-6 final. This was Harper’s 108th career solo homer, his 69th while in the lead (23rd with his team up by two runs), 15th at Citizens Bank Park, and 26th against the Braves.

The Count: 1-1

Harper has 42 first-pitch homers to lead all counts, but now has no other count with homers hit than 1-1 (24). He has a SLG above .700 on 1-1 pitches put in play in each of the last four seasons (.806, .711, .800, .709).

The Pitch: Fastball, 93 MPH

I tend to think Harper handles fastballs pretty well, don’t you?


It was located on the inner half, about middle-in:

If you’re a lefty considering throwing Harper a fastball in that spot in the future...please continue to do so.


The Distance: 465 Feet


That apex is only 32 feet shy of matching the highest point of Citizens Bank Park, just FYI.

The Call: Tom McCarthy & Scott Franzke

“In the air to right-center field! The first one in a Phillies uniform is a bomb into the second deck for Bryce Harper! And the Phils lead it, 7-4.”

T-Mac delivered this one with all the right emotion. Mike Schmidt couldn’t help but step on the call a little (we’ll give him a pass, it was exciting).

“The pitch. Swung on, hit deep, and there it is! Way back to right, into the second deck, and the fans get what they want, as Harper has hit number one as a Phillie!”

A transcript of a Franzke call never quite fully captures his intonation, so, yeah, listen to the dang video.

The (Curtain) Call:

I’m thrilled for the people who say it was only money that bought this roar of appreciation, and even more excited for them that their favorite team does not get to enjoy this while mine does.

The Reaction:

The Slow-Mo:

NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Win:

The Phillies are 2-0 for the first time since 2011, and it’s been that long since there was this much excitement about baseball in this city. It’s an awesome time. Enjoy every second of it.