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Phillies Daily Links - 3/6/2019

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Washington Nationals v Atlanta Braves Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Here at The Good Phight:

John Stolnis points out that if the Phillies had traded for Manny Machado last year, they likely wouldn’t have Bryce Harper or J.T. Realmuto.

Bryce Harper has been pretty explicit about wanting a certain Angels star (Hint: It’s Mike Trout!) to join him on the Phillies in a couple of years.

Other Phillies News:

Understandably, the Angels aren’t especially happy with Harper’s comments.

John Middleton talked to WIP and explained that he knew his “stupid money” quote would put pressure on the team.

Jayson Werth may have helped sell Harper on Philadelphia, but Jason Stark’s article shows that Werth’s opinion of Phillies fans still might not be all that great.

The Phillies’ giveaway schedule looks strong in 2019.

If you wanted a custom Phillies jersey with the letter R on it, you might have to wait a bit:

Other MLB News:

USA Today came out with their season predictions. Do they have the Phillies making the playoffs? (Spoiler alert: No.)

St. Patrick’s Day approaches, and you know what that means: Green hats!