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Game Thread 4/12: Phillies at Marlins

Has the Phillies’ bubble burst?

Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Ha ha ha, of course not. Every team loses at least four games. In fact, no team has ever NOT lost four games in a 162-game season. Sure, it’s easier to look at an 8-3 record and think “playoffs!” than it is to look at a 7-4 record. But we know what is wrong with these Phillies now, and while some of their pitchers may find a groove and join Zach Eflin and Adam Morgan and Pat Neshek in being effective, there is going to be some help needed along the way. In the mean time, the Phillies get to play the Marlins, a team that should be easier to beat than the Nationals.