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Jean in fourteen: Phillies 3, Marlins 1

Segura’s home run and double play in the 14th inning lead the Phillies to victory

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Miami Marlins
Better late than never for Jean Segura
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

If you like extra inning games, you might have enjoyed Sunday afternoon’s game between the Phillies and Marlins. However, if you like seeing a lot of (or in this case, any) offense, you almost certainly did not enjoy the game. For the first thirteen innings, a grand total of two runs were scored, each coming thanks to a solo home run.

In the top of the fourteenth, the Phillies’ hitters finally seemed to remember that you need to actually score runs in order to win the game. Andrew McCutchen tripled to left center, and Jean Segura followed it up with a two-run shot that provided the Phillies with the margin of victory.

By the time the game ended, you may have forgotten that Vince Velasquez didn’t allow a hit for the first 5.2 innings of this game. Unfortunately, the no-hitter was broken up when Brian Anderson hit a home run that tied the game at one. Velasquez left the game after six innings, but the Marlins’ didn’t have any more success against the Phillies’ bullpen.

The Phillies were forced to use seven relievers to cover seven innings of relief. Against some teams, that might prove fatal. Against the Marlins’ weak-hitting lineup, it wasn’t much of a problem. In those seven relief innings, the Marlins managed only two hits, while striking out 14 times. In the 11th through 13th innings, ten Marlins batters came to the plate. One of them walked, and the other nine struck out.

Unfortunately, the Phillies’ hitters weren’t faring much better. While they did get the occasional base runner aboard, they didn’t come especially close to getting any of them home.

After Segura’s heroics, it was up to Jose Alvarez to close it out. The inning began ominously when the first batter reached on a single, but thanks to a double play turned by Segura, the Phillies emerged victorious.

Hopefully the brief outburst in the fourteenth inning was a sign that the Phillies’ offense is going to start clicking again. With a series against the Mets looming, it seems unlikely that the pitching will be able to continue this level of dominance.