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Rocky Mountain Ry: Rockies 6 - Phillies 2

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Colorado Rockies
Ryan McMahon 5 - Phillies 2
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

So the Sixers had to go without Embid on the road against the Nets who gave them fits with Embid in Game 1. It didn’t seem like a good fit. It also reminded me how much I dislike Greg Monroe as a basketball Center. He’s late on pretty much every single defensive rotation, then when he does get there he maybe half-heartedly throws up a hand feebly, but there’s no jumping. I almost yearn for Okafor to be back standing there disinterestedly instead. Still the Sixers steamrolled the Nets, regaining home court advantage in the series.

Oh yeah, the Phillies also played. It’s just I so rarely recap wins, I really needed that first paragraph. All in all, Eflin was competent enough and if he can go 6 innings with 3 or fewer runs on the board it was a pretty decent night. He didn’t have his best stuff tonight, as he walked 3 and only got 2 K’s, but he did end up with just 3 runs on the board. That should be enough to give the offense a chance. Unfortunately, Kyle Freeland did seem to have his best stuff. He went 6 innings with 7 K’s no walks and only 2 hits.

The star of the game was Rockies First Baseman Ryan McMahon who accounted for 5 of those runs for the Rockies with a 3-run homer off of Eflin and a 2-run shot to nearly the same spot off Arano. Several other Rockies hitters had good nights with Tony Wolters going 3 for 4 in the 8 hole and every position player except Hampson getting a hit.

The Phillies got a single from Eflin, three singles from Hernandez, a homer from Realmuto, walks from Harper and Williams as a PH and an HBP from Hoskins. They barely managed more baserunners than the Rockies runs scored.