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Phillies fans still like where this team is headed

An L or two hasn’t changed a lot of people’s minds about the Phillies... yet.

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Minnesota Twins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

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It’s week two of SB Nation’s FanPulse, and here with the Phillies, enthusiasm for some early season dominance has been reflected by the numbers. Sure, Christian Yelich has looked like a next-level human in Milwaukee. But Bryce Harper’s looked pretty good, as evidenced by expectations that he will be the NL MVP.

Manager approval went from 77% to 94% week 1 to week 2

Remember last year, and where Gabe Kapler was in Phillies fans’ minds? Haven’t really heard much from him out of the ordinary so far. Amazing how much focus the face of baseball steals. In any case, people seem cool with what Kapler’s done so far, which has largely been to keep his lineup intact and watch it score runs for him.

Confidence in the direction of the team stayed at 100%

Yeah, this makes sense. Sure, a loss in D.C. and a loss to the Twins have made it clear that this team’s pitching problems may not be going away—Craig Kimbrel is still available, I’ve heard—but all in all, you can’t blame people for finding this explosive offense of excited young players fun to watch.