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SB Nation FanPulse: Phillies fans still feeling pretty good

How are you feeling? Just kidding, let me tell you.

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Fan confidence! It’s a quantifiable statistic now, according to this chart here.

That’s not 100%, so [glaring around the room] some of you seem to have lost the faith in a team that is alone in first place, six games over .500, the only team with a winning record and a positive run differential in the NL East, and a series against the very soft Royals on the horizon. Phillies fan faith is a weak thing, predictably buckling under the slightest pressure. In fact there’s nothing people are more passionate about than losing faith in things around here. Just look at Ben Simmons.

Anyway, there’s also the Phillies fan approval of the manager to consider as well. Gabe Kapler has been a quieter presence for the team this season, with 77% of fans having confidence in him at the start of the season, a number that bounced up to 100% in week three, and has regressed back to about 88% this week. Whatever’s going wrong when things go wrong, Kapler is seemingly not to blame. For now.