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Look at all these cool Phillies shirts that are on sale!

It’s a beautiful summer weekend to spend all of your money on t-shirts.

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It’s a holiday weekend, and that means day drinking, sizzling meat tubes, yelling at your children to stop shooting you with squirt guns, and then canceling the whole cook-out because they knocked over the grill and started a small patio fire with their antics. I’ve had ENOUGH. EVERYONE INSIDE. NO THERE WILL NOT BE S’MORES. S’MORES ARE CANCELED. I TOLD YOU I WASN’T AFRAID TO YELL AT YOU IN FRONT OF YOUR GRANDPARENTS AND NEIGHBORS.

Anyway, it’s a prime time to celebrate baseball fandom, so why not check out the holiday sale on BreakingT:

  • 20% off everything in the store
  • Shirts starting at just $8; hoodies $16
  • Use code MEMORIAL at checkout
  • Free Shipping threshold is down to $50 for this sale
  • Sale ends Monday at 11:59 p.m. PT

Click here to start saving on your favorite new torso-covers, or as the teens are calling them now, “novelty t-shirts!”