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Phillies 2019 draft preview: potential 3rd round arms

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Philadelphia Phillies
I am running out of options for these things.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Graeme Stinson, LHP
Duke University

Stinson is 6’5, 260 lbs LHP who entered the season as the top pitching prospect in the draft. His Freshman and Sophomore years he pitched mostly in relief, but started to USA Baseball last summer and was expected to start for Duke this spring. His stuff (a plus fastball and double-plus slider) disappeared this spring before he got shut down in mid-March. There’s no official injury announced, but his fastball lost ~10 mph. Stinson already carries high bullpen risk because he has no third pitch, but his 2 pitches are good enough to have a high leverage reliever floor if he’s healthy. For a 3rd or 4th round pick, I think it’s a reasonable risk to take. Maybe you get a #2 starter, maybe you get an org arm. The floor is pretty common in the 3rd round, but that ceiling isn’t. I decided to share a video from last summer, when he was healthy. Video from baseball america.

Ryne Nelson, RHP
University of Oregon

Nelson is a 6’3” 184 lbs Closer for Oregon. He has a 70 grade fastball, above average slider that flashes plus, and 45 grade curve and change. His control is also fringe average to below average. He tried a starting role this spring and it went terribly, so he shifted back to the closer role. The good news is he’s fairly new to full time pitching as he was also Oregon’s starting shortstop early in his college career, so it’s possible there is untapped ceiling that a pro development team can unlock. He is a cross body thrower, which is part of the problem. The bigger problem is that his front foot lands all over the place. Sometimes his foot lands way to the 3rd base side, sometimes way to the first base side. Video from Prospect Pipeline.

Ben Brecht, LHP
UC Santa Barbara

Brecht is 6’7” and 215 lbs, but despite the size his fastball is average to above average without any further projection. He has an above average change, so he should be able to stay a starter. He also has a fringy slider. What might make him worth a pick is that he’s got a deceptive delivery and very good control of all of his pitches. It sounds a little like a tall, lefty Ben Lively which isn’t terribly reassuring, but perhaps the tall and lefty parts make the deception work against MLB hitters down the road. It’s a 4th starter profile, but it’s a pretty safe profile to get to the Majors in some role. Baseball video is a baseball video.