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Phillies 2019 draft preview updates

St. Louis Cardinals v Philadelphia Phillies
Thank you, thank you. They’re just updates though no need for a standing o..., why you shouldn’t have.
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A lot can happen in 5-6 months and some of my previews are that old, so I’ll go through here with any updates on older previews (and some newer ones).

Adley Rutschman - I previewed the draft’s very clear #1 overall shortly after the new year, while noting he wasn’t getting to 14 barring significant injury. Fortunately for Adley and unfortunately for everyone but Orioles fans, I suppose, Everything is still attached and working. He’ll go #1 and might break ST with the Orioles next spring.

JJ Bleday - One of, if not the, top risers in this draft, Bleday’s power came on big this year answering one of his biggest questions. There were worries he might be a corner OF with CF hitting, but this year he exploded with 25 home runs (that would be a roughly 60 HR pace in MLB), the highest total in NCAA Division 1. He is no longer a possibility for the Phillies, he’ll likely go in the 4-7 range. Also, Kudos to commenter Andrew VU 04 (Why not VandyAndy or Vandrewbilt?) who predicted a breakout. He’s biased, but he wasn’t wrong.

Spencer Jones - Speaking of Vandy, Spencer will be fulfilling his commitment to Vandy after suffering an break (probably an avulsion fracture, though I haven’t seen that officially) in his elbow while pitching. He returned to the field as a hitter this month, but he’s unlikely to get picked before ~round 3 and that’s probably not going to be enough enticement to skip college. Jones is the type of pitcher who could potentially go to school and be a top 10 pick in 3 years. He could be an overslot option, but I don’t see much chance he signs.

Will Wilson - Wilson’s season has gone fine and he hasn’t really dropped in ranking so much as just been leap frogged by guys with better tools or track records. Wilson’s wood bat track record is limited and not great and his not hitting tools are underwhelming. He may end up being a good 2nd baseman, but there are just some options that look a bit better.

Bobby Witt, Jr and Andrew Vaughn - I previewed both together in early April and they’ve both had excellent seasons. Witt is a near lock to the Royals at #2 and I can’t see Vaughn slipping past #5.

Daniel Espino - Espino’s season has gone fine, but he’s kind of the Will Wilson of pitchers. He has possibly the highest ceiling of an pitcher in the draft, but he’s only six feet tall and scouts are skeptical of his unconventional delivery. Few pitchers have his ceiling, but he’s got as much bullpen risk as anyone in this draft.

Logan Davidson - Logan’s done fine, but his hit tool is a big question mark. He was awful in the Cape Cod League and, while a decent hitter at Clemson he’s never hit over .300, which is a little unusual for a first round pick. He’s a former Phillies pick in 2016, so people in the org at least liked him some 3 years ago.

Alek Manoah - Manoah’s season has gone well. He might be there at 14. It’s not a great pitcher draft (BA is calling it the worst in the history of the draft) and Manoah’s risk, like him, is huge. He’s got fringy command and he’s mostly a 2-pitch pitcher, which is a very challenging MLB starter profile.

Jack Leiter - Leiter just keeps rising in the draft rankings and seeing him go top 20 is realistic. No rumors specifically around the Phils with him, but the team has a history of Leiters.

Gunnar Henderson - I’ve seen fewer Phillies rumors around Henderson, but he’s continuing to rocket up rankings, so it may still be his name called Monday night at 14.

Brennan Malone - I just previewed Malone, then started seeing the smoke, as BA reported the Phillies have had several cross checkers and execs out to Malone’s games. I may redo my paragraph snapshot of Malone into a full review as these are the most solid rumors I’ve seen attaching the Phillies to a player this year.